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Thread: Microbrewery vs. Microdistillery

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    Microbrewery vs. Microdistillery

    Anybody have any thoughts or experience with both? I know the regs are still is various states of advancement in each state regarding distilling and there are some that are allowing samples and sales at microdistilleries. I do know that taxes for distilled beverages are quite high ($15 per gallon) but so are sales.

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    Regs and Distilleries

    Contact Bill Owen at the American Distilling Institute. A fellow in one State just got approved for a Distillery-Pub (a Brew Pub) for onsite production of Spirits at the restaurant- so things are changing rapidly. If you want drop me a line and I'll see if I can remember who the fellow was - dig out my notes - and which State.

    Regardless anyone interested in Craft Distilling should contact and likely join the ADI.

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