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Thread: Ultrasonic Line Cleaner ??

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    Question Ultrasonic Line Cleaner ??

    I recently attended the National Food Service Conference in Dallas and talked with a company named Perlick Corporation or Century, who I will most likely use for my draft dispense system. They had really nice stuff!
    Toward the end of our conversation, the salesman tried to push this little device on me which he claimed would help clean the bright beer lines (in addition to normal line cleaning) by introducing ultrasonic sound waves into the line via a small device attached on each draft beer line near the BBTs. He claimed this would loosen particulates in the line with the sound wave vibrations. I was very skeptical and asked him a lot of questions, and his response was basically to shrug his shoulders.
    Pondering how this might work, I've convinced myself it might be legit. I think of the old string between two cans trick we did in our treehouses.... If the sound carries through that flimsy string, it must carry through to the draft dispense.... And you know that when you get jewelery cleaned, jewelers use an ultrasonic chamber to loosen all the particulates from those hard to reach surfaces.... It sounds plausible!
    Do any of you have any experience with such a device or with this company?

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    See current discussion in Equipment.
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