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Thread: 'Green' Buildings

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    'Green' Buildings


    I am a beer writer and soon to be author of a book about beer and sustainability (see my online brewsletter: I am looking for examples of breweries/brewpubs/beer bars or even non-brewing pubs/bars that utilize 'green' principles in their design or renovation.

    These could be, for example, historic buildings, rehabed abandoned buildings, or buildings made from scratch employing green principles like passive solar, creative reuse of materials, recycled building products, alternative energy use, energy efficiency in the brewing system design, or anything else along these lines.

    I appreciate your suggestions. They may end up in the book!

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    Leopold Bros.

    Leopold Brothers of Ann Arbor Brewery was, I believe, designed to be a zero waste environment. I'm not sure that they were totally successful, but that was their goal. They are also a small winery and micro distillery.

    Give them a call (734)747-9806, or on-line

    Sounds like an interesting book idea,
    Good luck,

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    I believe Brooklyn Brewery in New York, has all their power provided by a wind power grid. I am not 100% sure about this though.

    Also, Wolavers line of beers, produced by Otter Creek in Vermont, is a certified organic product. The IPA and Oatmeal Stout are fantastic.

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    Old Church turned into brewery

    Old Church turned into brewery, guess what is where the alter used to be!

    I wonder, are the patron religious and drink or DRINK RELIGIOUSLY!!!

    Never been there, but is is close, so some day

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    John does some neat things to reduce his utility costs
    -Keg washer is heated by solar heating cells
    -Delivery trucks and back up generator run on Bio Diesel, which he makes himself and gets the cooking oil from his licensees.
    -All his refrigeration is water cooled which is then used eventually as hot process water.

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