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Thread: Hit by lightning, DME control panel needs re-calibration

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    Hit by lightning, DME control panel needs re-calibration

    Last week our building was struck by lightning blowing out a couple video games,cigarette machine,glycol ect and of course as I found out on my last brewing day my control panel on my kettle. The system was originallypurchased in 1994 from DME, it's a 20bbl kettle with a control panel made by "Enhancers" using some parts by a company named Clifton. The contact phone numbers are useless 11 years later as I could not reach anyone. The kettle temp indicator read 217Fand it wasn't even boiling. After taking a temp of the actual wort itself it was approximately 12 degrees off. We were able to raise the high end temp setting so we boiled at 224F (read 212ish). Now I'd like to be able to re-calibrate the panel but I do not have any info on the system, DME hasn't been able to tell me what the abbreviations mean when the pop up on the led screen.

    Can anyone help me out here, have this system still or know enough about these types of panels to guide me through this?

    Thank you in advance
    Mike Roy
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    The controller is probably an Eliwell 901/902. These are simple to change.
    PDF manuals available here:

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    Did you contact DME? They may have the parts you need.

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