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Thread: Keg Wash Cycle

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    Keg Wash Cycle

    Hi all,

    We have a Premier Stainless semi-auto 2 head keg washer and want to know if we are running our wash cycle too long. Specs below:

    Water Rinse:

    Shell: 16 sec
    Spear: 8 sec

    Caustic Wash:

    Shell: 25 sec
    Spear: 8
    Caustic repeat: 0x

    Water Rinse:

    Shell: 16 sec
    Spear: 8 sec

    Sanitizer Wash:

    Shell: 30 sec
    Spear: 20 sec
    Sanitizer Hold: 60 sec

    Co2 Pressure:

    2 Cycles

    Total wash cycle time: 7 minutes, 2 seconds

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    FWIW that's about how long ours takes too.
    Russell Everett
    Co-Founder / Head Brewer
    Bainbridge Island Brewing
    Bainbridge Island, WA

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