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Thread: Questions about my new brute tank

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    Questions about my new brute tank

    Hey folks, I just got my first brite tank. I haven't used one before, and am looking forward to it. I've looked it over and see where the sample valve, pressure relief valve, pressure gauge (I think), and carb stone go. But on the bottom in/out tube there is a female threaded outlet coming off of it and a barb on the CIP/vent tube on the top. What are these for? I found some small clear tubing with the valves, etc. that came with it, but what is the function of these connections? Is the top barb for CO2 for legging? Help please.

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    site tube

    The plastic tubing goes on those barbs. That's your site tube so you can tell how much is in the tank to determine tax (assuming you are using it as a TDT).
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