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Thread: To boil or not to boil HOPS is the Q!

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    To boil or not to boil HOPS is the Q!

    Ok so we use whole leaf hops in the boil thanks to a neat screen that fits in the kettle 4" out, think Phil's EZ masher. We also have two 7.5bbl kettles which we use frequently for 5bbl too since we have 10bbl and 5bbl tanks, but only ONE neat screen. I want to do a simultaneous boil of 7.5bbl in the one tank with screen boiling hops, and boil 2-3bbl of wort in the other, then pump them into the same 10bbl tank. Question is, should I still boil for an hour? or maybe get away with 30min? on the kettle which sees no hops, or is all this just crazy?

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    Boil everything at least 60 minutes, in my opinion. Hop isomerization is only one of many kettle issues. Protien coagulation, color, pH, and a host of other chemical reactions require time. You won't be saving much by way of heat, anyway. Good luck.

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    gitch is on the money, at least 60 mins always...........I always boil 90 mins, however, depending on the quality of the boil, 60 mins is sufficient. 10% boil off is a good target.

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