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Thread: DIY Tap line cleaning ideas?

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    DIY Tap line cleaning ideas?

    Looking for some ideas on good ways to clean the tap lines in our tasting room. Would like to avoid dropping $600+ on a specialized pump, etc. Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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    I recently switched from static line cleaning to a pumped flow cleaning system. Our local brew supply store (Steinbart's in Portland, OR) set us up for ~$200. We don't use a fancy $600+ pulsating or reversing pump, just a Shurflo 8025-213-236 diaphragm pump--~$100. This pump has a pressure shut-off, so it won't blow your lines, and works just dandy. Throw in a couple of double-flusher cups, series cups if you have kegs in series, four faucet adapters,and some hose and you're ready to go. You can generally clean up to four lines at a time, in multiples of two, without the line restriction being too high. With the Shurflo pump, if the pressure is too high, the pump shuts down until it drops.

    Micromatic and Foxx will also carry everything you need, but you can probably find a better deal on the pump online.

    Check this out--everything you need to know about draft beer systems: including line cleaning.
    Timm Turrentine

    Terminal Gravity Brewing,
    Enterprise. Oregon.

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    I second using a beer pump for line cleaning. If you already use beer pumps in your draft system all the better. Some people dont realize they will pull line cleaner directly out of a pail. Just turn off your CO2 and drop the coupler in the bucket and open your faucet. If you dont already have beer pumps just buy one and hook it up to cleaning sockets where you can just hook your couplers up to the sockets and use the beer pump to pull cleaner through the lines. Beer pumps can run off any compressed gas, usually compressed air or CO2. Paying a bit of money to set up an easy to use and effective draft line cleaning system is some of the best money you will ever spend. The easier it is to clean your lines the more likely it will get done in a timely manner. If you set it up right you will save a lot of labor down the road.

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    Good suggestions above. When in a pinch financially, I've used a clean keg to clean, rinse, sanitize the lines. First fill with hot water and caustic or acid to the proper dilution, then run a couple pitchers through each line (I like to go through each one with a pitcher's worth, then back through and fill another pitcher. Gives the chemis time to hydrate the gunk). Then rinse out the keg, fill with rinse water, do the same thing through the lines. Then fill with sani and pull through the lines. You will want to take off the taps and clean them thoroughly between the clean/rinse and sani run.
    It's cheap and effective, but takes a decent amount of time. So it can get you started in the mean time before you can save up for a system that'll make your life easier.
    Best of luck and cheers,

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    I am wondering why plenty of vapor steam pushed through the beer lines is not used in the draft line cleaning process? I use it in my wine and cider cleaning lines all the time seems to work great. Nothing but a little of distilled water left in the lines.

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