Hi All,
I would like to use my Glycol unit to cool my walk-in. My problem is the local refrigeration guy has no clue if my unit could cool the fermenters and the walk-in. I was wondering if you smart, beer-wise people would know I have 4-7bbl fermenters made by pub. Also my walk-in is 20' long 7' wide and 14' tall. My glycol chiller is a heatcraft PARC-4-A2CP. It can provide 29 MBH of cooling output, whatever that means? Also it can cool 15 GPM at 15 PSI. It’s designed to push out 25 degrees F out and 30 degrees F in. It has a 30 gallon glycol reservoir. Basically we are in North Idaho and I would like to save a little cash on cooling by using Mother Nature and also save a little on cash on equipment. I have seen this same glycol unit cool 5-14bbl fermenters but I don't know how well it cooled them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also what Fan Coil units have people used? Thanks again for all your help.
MickDuff's Brewing Company