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Thread: Brewing Honey Nectars?

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    Brewing Honey Nectars?

    Has anyone brewed a sweet carbonated nectar ala Redstone's nectars. I have been thinking about trying it but am wondering about how to sweeten. My thought is to brew a light base beer with a lot of Honey malt high mash temps and a low attenuating yeast. Add honey into the whirlpool ferment then add Fruit puree to the secondary, let ferment, crash then do a tight filter and sweeten with pasteurized honey to taste and serve. The only thing I worry about is bacteria in the beer lines/kegs going nuts on the unfermented honey. I would only brew a small batch 7 Bbls and it would always be cold. Any suggestions/ideas?
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    redstone makes mead

    i served the nectars at the internation mead festival and they are just that...mead. actually, mead with fruit added is called melomel. according to the reps i talked to they are force carbonated. i'm not sure where they add fruit in their process.

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    Check Zymurgy

    Don't have the exact issue in front of me, but one of the last issues of Zymurgy had an article on doing nectars...may have even been written by one of the Redstone guys.

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