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Thread: Is selling Equipment on eBay a good idea?

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    Is selling Equipment on eBay a good idea?

    I have had a complete 7 bbl brewery in storage for the past 7 years. Yes, I know, pretty stupid huh? We planned to open a brewpub but ... well you know the story. Finally it is time to sell it all. I am just now getting it out of storage, taking photos, and thinking about how best to sell it. I plan to list it here on ProBrewer and am wondering about listing it on ebay too.

    What advise can you share with me about the best way to offer the equipment for sale?

    How should I establish a fair price for each piece or for the entire package of equipment?

    Is offering individual pieces on eBay a good idea? I am thinking that I would possibly deliver the gear via truck if the buyer would pay for the truck and fuel.

    Observations, thoughts and ideas will sure be welcome... Thanks!!

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    get a broker if you havent yet, nabs, ager or Vince cottone, they can even help you get more for it.

    I would sell it as is loading and shipping is the buyers responsability, what if you damage a vessel while loading then you have to fix it.
    Let the potential buyer come and inspect and give you a cash check and give them loading instructions...

    If its over 50,000 dollars you may need a lawyer to help you draw up a sells contract (depending on who the buyer is)

    good luck

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    list it here. If it doesn't sell go through a broker like NABS, Sound, Ager, ABT. Consider parting out the fermenters because sometimes they will go for more individually than as part of a whole system.
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