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Thread: Line cleaning w/ caustic?

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    I think so. We're using Banner Perfecta line, the heavy-wall stuff. Even at the proper cleaning temp of 135-140F, the pressure can cause thin-wall lines to swell and rupture. Order your fittings to match.
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    re 20 lines

    if you have 20 lines that you will be cleaning. save yourself the headache and get the proper equipment for a recirculation cleaning. It will cost more but it will do a better job and will be much less labor intensive than having to use a cleaning can for all of those lines. I've done it both ways for lots of lines. you will save a lot of time and effort this way. when using the pump you can turn off the co2 if you want but just so you know there isn't any issue using co2 and caustic. for example when doing a kegerator the only way to clean the lines would be with a cleaning can and using the co2 to push water and caustic through the lines. It won't cause any issues as long as the process is done correctly. Cheers and happy brewing. Feel free to shoot me a message if you have any questions. I have worked as a tap technician for a while.

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    This shit is the bee's knees. Idiot proof.

    Fall back is chlorinated caustic (KOH) like Diversey's (or whatever they are called now) Benefit.

    I do not like the residues that PBW can leave in this application and I don't want to follow with acid.

    CO2 will immediately neutralize any hydroxide rendering it ineffective. Effective line cleaning requires pull/soak/pull/soak/rinse at least. The more pull/soak cycles, the better. The above product helps you to visually judge the line cleanliness. If you pay attention to subsequent pulls and know the layout of your lines, you can 'visualize' problem points in the system as you 'pull' should try it. Used to use a product in Ireland for such (from Huddersfield, UK) called Purple Python. It was fabulous. Not sure if they are still around.


    Liam McKenna

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