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Thread: Positive feedback from those in the industry

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    Positive feedback from those in the industry

    As a young beer enthusiast, I am looking for some helpful advice about entering the industry. I realize that brewing beer isn't going to pay millions and I realize what sort of dues one pays, but I would love to hear some stories about how rewarding it has been for others in the industry. I know that a lot of other people started out with the same asparations as me and I want to know that it paid off (if not financially, at least emotionally!)

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    perhaps I'm not the best source of advice but what I will offer is this... this industry is filled with people who love what they do. I only being in the industry for a short period have gained this love and am now taking it to a new level as I am prepairing to get my masters at Weihenstephan in Munich! Just like every other job around there will be many challanges but at the end of the day what is it all for - friends family and a fantastic beer. So to you sir - cheers and good luck.

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    Read archive posts-all your answers are there.

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    Thanks Moonlight - there are many discussion threads here on the ProBrewer Discussion Boards that delve into your question. Please have a look around.


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