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Thread: Mash PH

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    Mash PH

    I have a question that I have asked previously but didnt quite get the answer to. When measuring mash PH where you pull a sample cool to proper PH for accurate reading and then record the ph is the Ph that you read the actual PH at Mash temp. If it is 5.5 at say 68F (my meter will compensate up to 124F or so). Or do you have to subtract .3 since PH will read lower at Mash temps. Is Ph actually lower at Mash temps than at room temp or is the room temp Ph the real value. Sorry this is a bit confusing but obviously I am confused......
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    I believe you answered your own question, "cool to proper PH for accurate reading" , though I think you meant, cool to proper temperature.

    Even if your pH metre compensates for temperature, it should be more acurate at the temperature it was calibrated at. (i.e. 20 degrees C)

    So the answer would be, the correct(accurate) pH reading for the sample should be the cooled(temperature closest to calibrated temperature) sample.
    One important thing when taken pH readings is being consistant in the way you take them.

    I hope not more confusing!

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