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Thread: Convictions & the TTB Personnel Questionnaire

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    Convictions & the TTB Personnel Questionnaire

    I have a potential investor who was convisted of DUI twice over 20 years ago. She was also convicted about 20 years ago of a non-alcohol/non-tobacco misdemeanor.

    My question is will these convictions prevent her from being approved, and by association, prevent our brewers notice from being approved by the TTB?

    If anyone has had any experience with a similar situation I'd appreciate your information.

    I realize that the TTB has to follow certain rules but I have been unable to find anything that relates to this particular scenario.

    Thank you and cheers!

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    I was just approved, and I unfortuntely made the mistake of driving under the influence six years ago. I put the conviction on the application, along with an explanation of the events. I was never questioned about it during the interview. Depending on the State you are in two DUI's may result in a Felony, which can be a problem at the state level of licensing. I know in NY this will prevent you from obtaining a permit.

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    I'm in the process of licensing in Michigan. I inquired with the state about a different issue, and they informed me that % interest has some impact on their scrutiny. If the investor is putting in 5% they might not have a problem with it. If they investo 40% then they might have an issue. They might consider the investors role in the company too.

    Just some thoughts

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    My first business partner was a 50% partner with a recent DUI on his record and we never had any licensing problems.

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