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Thread: PUB 15 bbl unitank fermenter

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    PUB 15 bbl unitank fermenter


    Anyone know the psi rating of a PUB 15 bbl unitank fermenter? Any PUB brewing system pros out there that can help a new guy with a question?

    1. It is a Kettle/Mash mixer vessel where you mash into the Kettle. It seems to be a delicate balance between desired grist:water ratio compared with the ratio required (thin) to adequately transfer the mash to the lauter tun. Any thoughts?


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    If it doesn't have an ASME inspection stamp/plate attached to the tank max PSI is 14.5

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    psi, mash mixer

    Damien, your fv is probably not asme, which is to say it is not rated at above 15 psi. Having said that, it will undoubtedly have a working pressure above 15 psi. I would not recommend exceeding 15 psi by much. If it comes with a definox apr, or other adjustable apr, you can set the blow off at 17 psi, if you need slightly higher pressure in the tank. I wasn't sure what your question was about your kettle/mash vessel. My question is, do you really want to mix in the kettle, mash, then transfer to the lauter? Improvement in the quality of the wort? Having worked both step infusion and straight infusion, my thought is it is an incredible waste of time on brew day to mix and then move it over. then do the recirc thing. Infusion mash is quicker and will produce high quality worts. You are right about the liquor to grist ratio. It is critically important to get it right in the mash, and if you are going to do the transfer thing, it must move. I will explain more if you e me at I also have some thoughts about your carbonation concerns.

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