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Thread: Distributor asking for 28% margin

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    Distributor asking for 28% margin

    I'm curious if this is normal. We're negotiating our contract and pricing and have no idea what is fair.

    Any other comments for a first time contract with a distributor?

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    We do not have one but those we have talked to have been between 25-28%.

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    Depends on where you are

    Standard distributor take is 25-30% and I have seen it as high as 33%.

    It depends on where you are and what they are doing for you. Do they have sales people that will help grow your brand? Or are they just a delivery truck? Will they maintain accounts and clean the beer lines for you?

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    Virginia reputable top craft distributor 32%.

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    Self Distro

    Does your state allow self distribution?

    If so, make sure the contract maintains that you can still self distribute at least a small portion of your volume. It makes it way easier to deal with last minute events, small batch releases, and puts a little extra dough in your pocket once in a while.

    Have you spoke to other distributors to compare services and %?

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    Very normal.

    We were able to negotiate a slightly better margin for the first couple of years with the idea that as a new/smallish brewery we could use the extra cash to help us grow which in turn helps them as well. With that said every situation is different, but just sharing our experience.

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    I think mainly depends on your 1. brand reputation 2. price strategy 3. distributors quantity

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    That seems normal, 25-30%, pencil kegs get a slightly higher markup than half barrels. Distributor margin is based on the price that the market will bear at retail, then counting backwards between what price the retailer will pay and price from the brewery.

    So another question to you brewers, what markup average do you charge to the distributor over production cost (cogs)?
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    I would say that that is in the "normal" range but keep in mind that while you can, and should agree to suggested pricing, you cannot (legally) command pricing in your contract.
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