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Thread: Full price beer for head brewer

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    I am the head brewer for a local farm brewery and every member of the staff is allowed one shift beer after all work is completed, including myself. Everything else is full price. If they want to sample a couple of the new beers we will give them a small flight. I honestly don't mind paying for what I get and it keeps the free beers in check. It's not like I get to sample ever day or anything!

    The place I was at before just gave out free beers to whoever worked there and you could pretty much drink as much as you wanted. That lead to some interesting times....

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    This thread is amazing. Any new brewers have any comment on this? This thread is short but it's a wonderful discussion. Cheers!


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    I'm the head brewer at a small brewpub and we offer one end-of-shift libation for our employees. After that, they pay full price.

    As for food, it's kind of flexible but we usually provide a free meal if any employee asks or offer one if they've done a full, 8-hour shift.

    The brewers drink for free but I seldom have more than one on any given day and my assistant consumes about the same.

    Idyllwild Brewpub

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