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Thread: Nitrogen Generator for "Nitrogenating" beer & other brewery tasks

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    Nitrogen Generator for "Nitrogenating" beer & other brewery tasks

    Has anyone used a nitrogen generator for nitrogenating beers in tank? We are looking at potentially getting a Nitrodraught Pro to use in our facility to purge tanks, supply a gas mix to our nitro taps at the taproom bar, and nitrogenate beers in tank.
    I've found that a lot of breweries use generators to purge tanks and other equipment and I know generators are primarily used in the restaurant/bar world for draught systems, but are they also capable of producing enough N2 at the appropriate pressure to nitrogenate a beer in tank?

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    Yea, I am also interested in anyone using one in a production brewery. Primarily to purge tanks, filter lines, etc. and to push beer.


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