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Thread: Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger

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    Tube & Shell Heat Exchanger

    Is anyone using this type of steam to heat hot liquor? I have a 2500 gallon HL tank with an internal steam coil. It works fine for brewing back to back but by the third batch its out of HL.

    Any source reccomendations?
    Cheers & I'm out!
    David R. Pierce
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    Shell and Tube

    Hey David,

    How's tricks in Louisville? Here at The Duck-Rabbit, we use a shell and tube heat exchanger to produce hot liquor. I love it. Give me a call if you want more info (or to update me about your brewery!).

    Paul Philippon
    The Duck-Rabbit Craft Brewery
    Farmville NC

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    I used to brew for Alcatraz in Indy from '97-2002, I'm sure we've met before.

    Anyway, prior to that, the regional brewery I worked at in Canada used a shell and tube setup with excellent and consistent performance. It's very functional for high temp. sanitizing and 15 minute hot rinses of tanks etc at 190 degrees. IT's also great for running in a recirc. loop from your HLT if some idiot fills it with cold water in the winter. Even with an empty HLT due to bottling runs and demanding cellarmen with filtration plans, you can still brew with the correct temp water, going directly though the shell and tube.

    As a final note, just make sure that your people are fully aware of how to use it correctly and safely. Water hammer and trapped steam in your water lines/hoses can be a real hazard. Millipore filter membranes can also be damaged by an inattenive operator allowing live steam to blow through the system.

    Overall though, I'd reccommend it.


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