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Thread: Does anybody have experience using a Nitrogen drip system for purging bottles?

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    Does anybody have experience using a Nitrogen drip system for purging bottles?

    We recently purchased a nitrogen doser (Chart Industries Ultra doser 500) to purge bottles on our bottling line (200 bot/min line). We have (and still are until I get this right) using a sparger before the filler to sparge with CO2. We have always gotten excellent airs (0.05 ml) and D.O. numbers (<10 ppb) with this method. We are moving away from it because it is noisy and cumbersome. I am having trouble matching these numbers with the nitrogen doser. You cannot check airs with the doser since the nitrogen fouls the result but the D.O. (checked with Antar Paar cBox) is about 5 to 6X higher (50-60 ppb). Does anyone have experience with this time of technology? I am wondering what settings to use such as nozzle size, time delay, dose duration and also how far away from the filler is the doser to be set up?

    btw I would NOT recommend buying one of these from Chart Industries. They have close to zero customer support, especially support from someone with specific knowledge of this type of application. I am wondering if this is even the appropriate application for this system, although this is what the sales guy at the CBC sold it to us to do. Does anyone one else have one of these for purging bottles on their bottling line?
    Patrick Broderick
    North Coast Brewing Co.

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    Nitro drip

    Hey Patrick, have you made any progress on this system? we are considering adding one to our line as well, but after hearing about your experience, i am a bit leery to invest the money.


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