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Thread: BTU's again

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    BTU's again

    HI Guys:

    Here we go again.....................BTU's...................

    Today I had some service people for my gas burner in the brewhouse.
    They cleaned the burner and told me that the gas pressure is:

    4 inch water column which equals 2.25 oz/inch

    What does that mean; and is that a good pressure or not; based on the previous discussion??



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    Is the burner rated for 4 inches or is your gas service 4 inches?

    In all my experience with gas equipment, manufacturers give a range of acceptable service pressures. Most I have seen fall between 6 and 14 inches WC (water column.....what they quoted you). However, some equipment is specified for 7 inch minimum WC - 14 inch maximum WC............our Parker Boiler had this range.

    What this means is the equipment can operate and deliver it's design BTU levels when the gas supply pressure is anywhere between those values. Our Midco Economite Coversion Burner will operate between 5 inch and 14 inch WC.

    I would doubt that your gas service is 4 inches, as that is too low for even designed minimums, and I would further speculate that the burner has a design gas supply range. No engineer can be sure what the delivery pressure of the gas supply is as it varies from gas company to gas company.

    Who's the burner manufacturer? See if you can find a manual on the web somewhere. It gives the operating range.

    Hope this helps!

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    The service folks should have answered all your questions. It only takes five minutes, a tape measure, and a clear hose filled with water to measure the gas pressure. The burner should have a rating plate on it. The required supply pressure depends on whether you burn propane or natural gas. The pressure should be measured both static, and when the burner is running, as a static pressure may be sufficient, but the flow rate could be inadequate. This results in an unacceptable drop of pressure when the burner is fired, and hence slow heatups and boils of insufficient vigor. Good luck!

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