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Thread: Direct Cooling Ice Bank Design Info

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    Exclamation Direct Cooling Ice Bank Design Info

    I would like to build my own Ice Bank resevoir to build up
    excess cooling water during nighttime hours and am searching for
    an answer to how many meters/ft of copper I will need to
    attach and submerge into a 70/30 water/glycol solution. Resevoir
    is 250gallons. My condensing unit is a 12HP Danfoss Dual Fan.
    Should I braze the copper or solder at the joints. My goal is to
    help slow down the glycol temp increase during the production day
    brought on by the wort cooling in the brewhouse.
    thanks in advance for any input
    Lance Jergensen

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    We had a similar problem - we use a 20 bbl cold liquor tank in our walk-in to cool 10 bbls of wort. When we started doing double batches the walk-in couldn't chill the summer 80 F water down fast enough for the second batch. We made a coil of 50 feet of 1" copper, immersed it in the cold liquor tank, and tapped into the glycol system for our fermenters. There were only about five joints we had to solder. Luckily we had some excess capacity to do this on the chiller. It was a cheap solution, much cheaper than a double heat exchanger and new glycol chiller.
    Linus Hall
    Yazoo Brewing
    Nashville, TN

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    I used an ice builder at a 100 bbl brewhouse and found it was critical to bubble air up thru the water/tubes to evenly mix the cooling and ice thickness. Had to play with it a bit to be most efficient, then it was a lifesaver.
    Just more info for the mix...

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    something to try......

    Hi Lance,

    Your post reminded me of a product I saw a few years ago and have been meaning to try- they are called cryogel balls- and you simply place them in your glycol tank and they freeze and enable the effects of an icebuilder within a glycol system.

    My emails to this company for additional information and to discuss a "brewery" type application have gone unanswered.

    Disclaimer: I am not associated with the Cryogel company in any way.

    If anyone gives these a try- please post or let me know the results.

    Good Luck,

    Jim VanderGiessen
    GM, Pro Refrigeration Inc.

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