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Thread: QA/QC in brewpub

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    QA/QC in brewpub

    HI All;

    I would be interested in what types of QA/QC tools etc you use
    in youre Brewpub operations? I know a lot about the thread, I'm interested
    in what others do.


    and so on..............................


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    Good grief Fred, where are you these days?


    PSI would find all i needed in Juran's Quality Handbook

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    Water = Our public water is very reliable. I´d only consider checking it for Chlorination during heavy rains (as some communities then chlorinate due to surface water contamination.)

    Malt = We use a reputable source and so hardly ever have issues. As is illustrated with this site, the brewing world is small and a dubious operator will soon find themselves in trouble finding customers. Otherwise the usual visual and smell tests (i.e. no foreign odors.) We go over the stats during each delivery (water, ph, protein, etc.) Finally, we store our malt in a specially designated area, i.e. it´s a refrigerated room with only malt stored there. Our kitchen guys have tried to use it to store meats and other perishables but no way jose, can´t have our beer taste like hamburgers...

    Yeast = We sample every yeast once for infection (and send off the sample to a lab.) We use NBB culture. We reuse the yeast as long as it´s viable and toss it if there´s an infection of course.

    System = Thorough cleaning party once a week, including hot chlorinated caustic, acid, sanitizer. Especially on the wort cooler!

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    QA in Brewpub

    You said QA in a _brewpub_. That involves a lot more than in a _brewery_.

    I won't print a whole list of what can be done to maintain quality levels, but here's a 20 second list:
    - Document and teach all kitchen recipes and plating guides
    - Document and teach all points of service (how quick to first approach a table, opening spiel, when to cut off unsafe guests, etc.)
    - Test randomly and at certain times of the year.
    - Use Mystery Shoppers for an outside perspective
    - Test food temperatures twice daily
    - Receive written and oral feedback from guests

    I could probably write a book, or point you towards the library to pick up a book, but I think I've made my point.

    --Jake Tringali

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