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Thread: Keg Tracking Software

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    Keg Tracking Software

    Anyone know of a simple keg tracking software?
    Basically just for checking in/out of kegs on deposit to distributor.
    Tracking inventory, and specific keg number/flavor/size.

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    Just saw this site. Don't know if they're any good. Any other options out there or comments on these guys?

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    Here's how we track assets

    We use a product called Route manager by bmobile/software outfitters that does asset trackiong for us. We bar coded all our assets and can scan them in and out. It does alot more than that too...we self distribute so it does route management, order entry and invoicing....and pushes/pulls data from Quickbooks too! But would be prettyeasy use from what you want.

    We've been using it full time since january - love it! Before that we had created a simpledb app in MS access but it was all done manually so i spent hours manually moving kegs in and out of inventory. now it is done on the fly when the kegs get delivered or picked up. makes my job alot easier!

    If you have questions about it you can email me at beth at

    You can find them at

    Hope that helps.

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    Keg Tracking

    We have used a simple off the shelf program, called Mobile Asset, using a Wasp barcode reader and a Zebra printer, since 2005. It does what we need it to do, although since it was off the shelf, there are limitations. However, they continue to make improvements to it, and each time it has gotten better. The reader is a little slow, but I think they have improved that since 2005 and we need to bite the bullet and upgrade.

    We went through a company called System ID, out of Texas. They can also do any program modifications that you would like. What I have found, as with most computer related things, that human error compounds quickly, and then you are left with the old saying "garbage in, garbage out." As long as the steps are taken to minimize the impact of operator error, we have found that the system has saved us incredible amounts of money, we get our kegs back, and we can track freshness as well. We can see what distributors are on their game and which have some improvements to make. We can track how many times kegs are used, maintenance planning, etc.

    We have also wanted to go to RFID, similar to what New Belgium has just done (I think it was NB). But there are so many problems with it, that it just wasn't worth the investment for us at the time. I would like to see how it pans out with NB, maybe gets a little cheaper, technology improves a little, then make the switch.

    Good Luck.

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