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Thread: reusing bourbon barrels

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    reusing bourbon barrels

    I just emptied a bourbon barrel and would like to reuse it again down the road(8-10 weeks), what is the best process for storing the barrel for this length of time? I'm not real interested in picking up the bourbon for this next usage more so just the oak. I'm thinking a thorough hot water rinse and then throwing in a liter or two of cheap vodka, purging with CO2 and sealing it up in my cooler. I may throw a second yeast in when I transfer so I'm a litle wary of using any kill all chemicals. Any input is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

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    I would like to know also, just emptied one a day or two ago (beer is fantastic) and filled it back up next day with another one. Really would like to know how to store one long term...almost worried that the one day between was sketch!

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    From Jeff Cox's book "From Vines to Wines"

    He states that immediately after emptying the barrel, rinse by filling 1/4 with cold water, bunging, rolling, and emtying. Repeat three times. Fill 1/2 with cold water. Mix with a little warm water potassium metabisulfite 75g/10 gallons barrel, and citric acid 42g/10 gallons barrel. Add this to the barrel, bung and roll for at least 10 minutes. Top up with cold water. Store. Top up with cold water every month of storage. Repeat the above if stored for one year. Rinse thoroughly with cold water before use. Hope this helps!

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