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Thread: Fillers and bottle refermentation

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    Fillers and bottle refermentation


    Currently we bottle everything by hand, and we are thinking about buying a small bottling machine.

    I was thinking about buying a bottling machine that will flush the bottle with Co2 before filling it with beer.

    However, as our beers are refermented in the bottle, and I am concerned if it will affect the carbonation.

    In other words: will there be enough oxygen trapped in the flat beer for the yeast to live on while producing Co2, or does it need the oxygen currently present in the neck of the bottle?

    Christian, Ølfabrikken
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    Your decision to upgrade to a bottle filler that CO2 flushes or pre-evacuates the bottle is an excellent choice. You will not experience any problems with re-fermentation in the bottle; even at extremely low dissolved oxygen levels. This would not be the thing to do if you were using this yeast for several generations, but in the bottle (or keg) it only needs to do its thing once.

    The yeast used for conditioning should not come directly from a fermentor, but should be harvested in advance. The yeast can be aerated just prior to pitching (the oxygen is reduced very rapidly) but this is usually not required for excellent results. Bottom line - get the filler!


    Bob August
    Majestic Packaging Solutions

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