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Thread: PBST GEO-3 Keg Washer

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    PBST GEO-3 Keg Washer

    Would anyone currently using the GEO-3 keg washer from PBST be willing to shoot me an email or give me a call? I am trying to trouble shoot our brand new washer (some settings seem off, and the kegs are not pressurizing the way they should). Easom sent me the manual and all the settings are at factory i want to see what day to day brewery specs are.

    Many Thanks.

    you can email me at

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    Just got one- ill let you know when I start it up.

    Edit- I bumped all the return and drain settings by 5 sec. as I was getting liquid in the kegs at the end of the cycle. I bumped the Co2 fill up too, but this will depend on the flow rate of your co2 system

    Edit- We now have all the return cycles up to 60sec or the kegs don't empty. (15cfm/90psi compressor so its not that!) That and a couple hoses were leaking.
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    Are you guys still using the PBST keg washer? I just got a used one and am having some issues with water getting into the Airline and CO2 line. I can't imagine this is normal. Also, the kegs are under a ton of pressure, but the air is not forcing the kegs to drain quickly so sometimes after a 30 sec wash cycle the kegs are not empty after 60+ seconds. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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