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Thread: DME to boost gravity

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    DME to boost gravity

    With our current set up we are only to make 8-9 bbl batches on my bigger beers, I'm thinking adding a bag of DME to my bigger beers to to boost gravity along with final volume. Anybody do this and how and when are you adding the DME. I used to disolve the DME before adding to the boil when I was homebrewing but that is not really an option. I'm worried about clumping at the bottom of the boil kettle. Looking for ideas.


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    Mid Runnings

    We use DME in place of base malt to get to a higher gravity when we can't fit enough malt into the mash tun. To make sure it dissolves properly, we add it at mid runnings once the wort covers our whirlpool arm.

    We whirlpool the kettle, dump in the DME, and sometimes have to break up the big clumps with the grain hoe. We make sure not to turn on the kettle until it is completely dissolved. Then we just continue lauter and the rest of the brew as normal. It works great!

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    DME to Boost Gravity

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    If you add it during the boil it'll just clump up, then deep six itself and burn to the bottom if you've got a direct fire kettle. No bueno. We found LME mixes a lot easier. And we actually do this thing where we add things like honey or LME by running some hot wort into our hopback, mixing in the adjunct sugar thoroughly, and then pumping it back into the kettle. A lot safer than pouring it through a manway over a scalding/boiling kettle.
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    Why not use LME? That's what we do to boost gravity on big beers no clumping we add it right before we get to a boil at about 205.
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    This looks like an old thread and you've probably figured out a technique by now, but I either add it near the end of boil or in the whirlpool. It's a great way to go since you will have better hop utilization during your boil.



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