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Thread: Plastic Beer Cups & Corn Cups - Anyone have a good source to share?

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    Plastic Beer Cups & Corn Cups - Anyone have a good source to share?


    We're looking for standard 16 oz disposable plastic beer cups- that you can have your logo put on. Anyone care to share a decent source - preferably East Coast given the price of gas....

    Also - I have been told from a vendor that the corn cups were not a good idea because the coating is easily eaten away by the alcohol. Is anyone using them? Is that true?

    We hate the idea of disposable plastic cups.....

    thanks in advance
    Beth Marcus
    Cape Cod Beer

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    We've been using the compostable Poly Lactic Acid cups (PLA, also knows as the "corn cups") for a few years now. They actually work quite well. Here is a .pdf brochure for the ones we use:

    I've never heard of alcohol degrading the cups...maybe you make stronger beer than us! They will, however, sometimes warp in direct sunlight, but they're usually still usable.

    There are a few different manufacturers and a lot of different distributors for this type of cup, you should be able to source some pretty easily.



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    Just a comment on these cups. Nice choice by the way.

    I first saw them served at a Green Drinks function ( and a few people in this particular hyper-aware crowd were disappointed to notice that their beer cups were marked as recyclable type "7". Once it was explained that they were made from corn starch, they eased up. For a while there, it irked them noticably.

    If your crowd is sensitive to it, you may want to mention the corn source.


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