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Thread: Extract loss

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    Extract loss

    What is a reasonable Extract loss for 200000HL/annum brewhouse? 50HL brewlength, 6roller mill, mash converion vessel, lauter tun, copper, whirlpool.

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    Given the equipment you list you should pretty easily be able to attain about 95% efficiency. Such efficiency calculated by pounds of malt at a given extract into the system and bbls of wort at a certain OG into fermentation. This assumes dumping your last runnings, not reusing them in the mash, and terminating lautering at about 2 P. If 95% is too low you can increase it via more aggressive mashing techniques, aggressive lautering/wort collection of low gravity last runnings, and generous wort/water interfaces as you cool into fermentation.

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    I agree. 95% should be a good target. With reasonable hydration, thin mash, mash agitation, a long & gentle vorlauf, and a slow sparge, you should be able to do a bit better, depending on style & OG.
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