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Thread: Brewing Water Question

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    Brewing Water Question

    I keep getting mixed messages on the maximum Iron and Manganese levels that are appropriate in brewing water. I understand the toxicity to yeast and oxidative consequences associated with these metals, but am wondering if I need to bite the bullet and purchase a Iron/Manganese filter.

    My Iron levels are .263 ppm at the lowest and 1.083 ppm. at the highest, with an average of .451 ppm. My Manganese levels average at .188 ppm.

    I have been making pilot batches with this water, only carbon filtered, and I don't seem to notice a problem with it. Should I invest in an Iron/Manganese filter? If so, does anyone know of good, reasonably priced systems that can handle a 30-40gpm. flow rate?


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    Run your water into a tank, aerating as best as possible. (Helps getting rid of odors, too.) Most of the iron should settle out in a couple days or at least be coagulated so it isn't as soluable and may be filterable by particle filters. Ozonation systems (use Google) help quite a bit. Also check with your local water softener sort of people as there are either water backwashable filters or exchangeable units to be had. Your yeast will thank you.

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