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Thread: Describe each Brewery Premises Building

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    Describe each Brewery Premises Building

    Can anyone give me an example of what they put for this question on the Brewery Information section of the TTB application?

    Here is the full question:

    Describe each Brewery Premises Building: Provide size, construction, use and location of doors and windows:

    And the example they give is really confusing, it basically says enter door #1, go in a 15 ft. square and you end up back at door #1. What are they really asking for here?

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    Here is what I wrote in that section and they didn't ask any questions or request any changes:

    Please refer to attached drawing "Brewpub Layout."

    Through the double steel exterior doors located in the upper right quadrant of the drawing is a short hallway that allows access to the restaurant's cooler and the malt milling and glycol-chiller equipment, which is housed in a concrete-block room (11.5' x 6.5'). There is a 4' steel door that provides access to this equipment. While it is not currently noted in the drawing, the malt mill will be located next to the left of the chiller. The room will be ventilated following code guidelines and will have powered ventilation activated during malt milling to exhaust any dust produced during the process. Since this room is basically concrete block, noise will be contained within while the equipment is functioning.

    Just inside the next set of double steel doors is another short hallway, which separates the brewery part of the pub from the restaurant/public side. To get into the brewery itself requires movement through another set of double steel doors.

    The actual brewery portion of the brewrpub will be approximately 52' x 21', which yields 1100 square feet. Once inside the brewery, the first room is the mechanical room (labeled "MECH" on the drawing). This room will house the hot water heater, all the plumbing manifolds, and the fire-suppression hardware and plumbing.

    Next to the mechanical room is the electric steam plant. It is located in this spot to provide for a short distance to the brewhouse itself and easy regular maintenance.

    Next to the steam plant is the HLT (Hot Liquor Tank). This is basically a 10BBL, steam-jacketed tank that will store hot water for mashing, cleaning, rinsing, etc.

    Next to the HLT is the brewhouse, which consists of the mash tun, the brew kettle, and the wort chiller. This is a self-contained, skid-mounted system designed for efficiency and ease of maintenance. There is also an integral plumbing manifold to allow for simple wort transfer and routing for the various stages of the brewing process.

    Next to the brewhouse is a walk-in cooler that will house all the serving vessels (brite tanks labeled B1 - B6 on the diagram). There will be three 10BBL and three 5BBL brite tanks.

    Across from the cooler are the four fermenters (labeled FV1 - FV4) on the drawing. These are all glycol-chilled and jacketed. Two are 10BBL and two are 5BBL.

    Next to the walk-in cooler is a walk-in freezer, which will be used to store hops.

    There are no exterior windows in the brewery proper.

    We will not have a bottling line.

    Empty keg storage, grain, and other non-perishable brewing supplies will be stored under the area marked "DECK" on the drawing. This will be a totally enclosed are that will not be accessible to the public. There will be a material lift to move supplies from the deck to the level underneath and one 4' steel access door. The below deck storage has a concrete floor, framed and insulated walls and ceiling, and will not have any windows. It's basically a basement.

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