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Thread: We need your help.

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    We need your help.

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    Ravinder Minhas

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We need your help. We contract brew and co pack our beer at a big brewery - 1000 Bbl batches. We want to introduce a extra strong beer with 10 or 10.5% alcohol/volume.

    We wish to retain a consultant who will develop a recipe and go to our contract brewer, and finalize the process of producing such a beer.

    I understand in Europe, they make beer upto 13.5% alc/vol. Of course, we wish to do this economically.

    Please send me ideas and issues to consider, and background details so I can carry this project further.


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    White Labs yeast

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    Dr. Wilde

    White Labs ( has a yeast
    (WLP099) Super High gravity Ale yeast.
    I have not used this yeast but acording to the white labs brochure it can ferment up to 25% alcohol. If I were you I would try this yeast on a test bach that was vere high gravity, and see if produced beer with the desired characteristics.
    If this yeast can mack beer that is 25% alcohol then 10.5% will be no problem.


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