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Thread: New & Used Kegs in Vancouver Canada.

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    New & Used Kegs in Vancouver Canada.

    We currently have a limited supply of kegs in Vancouver BC, Canada:

    The below prices are in Canadian dollars, but yes we also are selling these to the USA.

    New 1/2 kegs (58.6L) $127.45
    New 50L kegs $118.95
    New 1/4 Kegs (30L) $99.95
    New 1/6 Kegs (20L) $89.95

    Used 50L with Poly tops/bottoms $85.00

    Please reply to:

    We also have manual keg washers for $5,600 CAD.
    We also have Semi-automatic keg washers for $11,600 CAD.
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    Ad renewal Bump

    Thank you for supporting

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