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Thread: Proprietary Yeast Strains

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    Proprietary Yeast Strains

    I have yeast envy. Everybody and their brother seems to have their own strain of yeast. Whether it's Dogfish Head with Doggie or Rogue with Pacman or whatever.

    So, how do they come by these bad boys? Do they breed them, buy them? I can see how European breweries come by them, after hundreds of years of brewing, but where do American brewers get their's?

    Also, anyone here play around with wild yeast strains? I have a keen interest in harvesting the power of local bugs. Add some "terroir" to my beer.

    Ben Dooley

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    I don't know about how the senior brewers decide on raising their own secret boys, but I am really interested in knowing how people keep their house yeast strain?

    I know many smaller breweries/brewpubs buy fresh yeast from the vendors every now and then; but, since I am planning on working overseas (pacific asia), it may be really expensive having fedex over night all the time.

    I am more thinking to propagate the yeast in house, but I really don't know how cost-effective it would be.

    Does anyone here do keep their own yeast in house? what equipment do you need? How often do you have to replenish them (if ever)? and what is the operation cost?

    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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