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Thread: Malt silos any advice?

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    Malt silos any advice?

    I am currently working with a number of contractors to design and construct a 30,000lb capacity malt silo complete with an augering system, dump scale, and an on site mill room in the back yard of our pub. The owner wants to still be able to park a pick up truck underneath the silo and seismic concerns require that a five foot high platform be built instead of just making the legs of the silo taller. The silo will have to be filled from the street. A four inch hose would have to run down a hallway approx. 100 feet before making the incline to the top of the silo. The silo itself will be approx 13ft high without the platform. The top of the silo, where it is to be filled, will then be approx. twenty feet. Is this crazy? Will my malt be completlely useless when it reaches the silo? Anybody else have similar stories/advice? And would anyone care to tell me why contractors work on slow time?
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