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Thread: Steam Boiler Size 7BBL

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    Need Help with Steam Boiler Size for a 7BBL

    Anyone have forumula or information on how to get correct size for steam boiler? I need to figure out what is min. Boiler size or correct boiler size for 7bbl steam jacketted kettles. CombiTank jacket for hot liq. and two jackets on boil kettle...
    Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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    We have a 7bbl similiar steam system and we have a 7hp high pressure steam boiler by parker boiler. We regulate the pressure before it enters the jackets and we get a constant PSI. What make is your brewhouse? I would contact the manu and ask what size boiler is needed.

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    for that size you would need at least 80 if not 100 kg steam per hour. Sorry I cant remember USA measurments

    Pressure in the jackets are regulated after the steam exits the boiler. most steam jackets are rated for 1 bar or 1500psi.
    Steam at higher pressure has a higher temp, therefore, you want to maximize the pressure and the amount to get the best heating

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