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Thread: getting citrus oil out of a brite tank/carb stone

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    getting citrus oil out of a brite tank/carb stone

    Are any of you using citrus peel or oil in your brewhouse? I am using grapefruit peel soaked in brandy as well as a food grade grapefruit oil in a cider and my standard CIP does not want to remove that smell from my brite tank, especially the carb stone. I am running a 30 minute CIP with sodium percarbonate, followed by a 6% citric acid rinse, cool water rinse and Star San just before filling. I am considering trying an acid wash, which we don't normally do.

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    I would recommend a good caustic for the tank to saponify the oils, and you may have good luck soaking your carb stone in a hot caustic solution for a few hours, let it soak in and get everything, then blow it out and rinse it well.

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