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Thread: T-45 vs T-90

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    T-45 vs T-90

    (I use a 700 liter~5bbl system)

    Is there such a big difference in terms of aroma/bitterness between T-45 and T-90?
    Is it worth it for all hops?
    Are all hops available in both format?
    Is there a significant price difference?

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.


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    T-45 vs T-90

    The T-45 has a chunk of useless plant material removed, so the AA% increases. The Cascade I have been using might come from 6% in T-90 to 9% in T-45. Not all varieties are packaged in T-45 format, in my experience. The main reason for me in using T-45 is to reduce waste in those beers that has a huge pile of hops. Hop pellets retain almost 5L of wort per kg. So if I do a huge IPA with lots of hops, I will go to T-45. Aromatic aspect is not diferent from T-90, although again concentrated.

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    What is the difference? I mean, how can I tell which kind of pellets I have?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woolsocks
    What is the difference? I mean, how can I tell which kind of pellets I have?
    You have T-90 unless you ordered T-45.
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