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Thread: Restaurant Startup Costs

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    Restaurant Startup Costs

    For those brave readers who are actively looking at opening a brewpub, or brewery restaurant, I want to recommend the book "Restaurants That Work: Case Studies of the Best in the Industry" by Martin E. Dorf.

    I have run brewpubs for a few years now, and there are a lot of books about how to run a brewpub (or restaurant) once it is open. This books deals with the restaurant concept and design. It touches upon total cost, utilities, space design, lighting, tables, construction, timing, etc. It features case studies on some well known restaurants, including Scoozi, Spago, Chinois, Granita, Smith & Wollensky, Gotham, Mesa Grill, Tribeca Grill, etc. It has a case study on Eureka, which was Wolfgang Puck's (failed) attempt on the brewpub, which lasted from 1990 to 1992.

    This book has been invaluable to me, and I hope that it helps someone else out too.

    --Jake Tringali

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    Thank you, Jake! This looks like a really great book and perfect for my situation.

    Looks like others agree with you about its value...

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    hey Jake,

    You have a pm my good man


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    Yes, i've read this book as well - I've used a lot of it for my buisness plan to gauge the startup costs of the brewpub ... the first 75 pages or so are invaluable, and are pretty much right on compared to my experience in designing and managing the construction of restaurants.

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