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Thread: 5BBL Brewhouse

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    5BBL Brewhouse

    Looking for a used 5BBL brewhouse that will be used to start up a new brewery.


    Joshua Williams

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    Electric 5bbl Brewhouse

    Hey Joshua,

    I just posted our 5bbl electric system for sale. We are upgrading to a 20bbl, and our system will be available within the next month. Here are the specs:

    PsychoBrew is an American brewery system fabricator based out of Michigan. Their systems are completely fabricated in Michigan with U.S. sourced materials. This system was converted from gas to electric by Electric Brewing Supply, who have been great with follow-up questions and any system maintenance.

    This system has provided simple and reliable start-up capability for 2 new breweries. It is perfect for the start-up brewery or brew pub. This is nearly a turn-key system with very few add-ons necessary. Reason for selling is an upgrade to a new 20bbl brewhouse. Included are the following:

    *2 100 gallon American-made stainless mash tuns with false bottoms and sparge arms (extremely clear wort during run-off)
    *2 100 gallon American-made stainless boil kettles
    -Each boil kettle includes 4 Camco 5500W 240V heating elements (very quick to boil)
    *Kettles are designed to hold mash temp for 60 minutes within 2 degrees and are RIMS capable for 0 degree differential.
    *In-line oxygenation system manifold with sight glass and thermometer
    *Hoses, clamps, and gaskets included
    *Fully automated control panel
    -Comes with iPad and BCS system for complete automation capability
    *2 1/8 HP recirculating pumps
    *Sturdy powder coated steel frame
    *5bbl CPE systems CPE30H-XXD plate heat exchanger/wort chiller (designed to chill 5bbl of 200deg wort to 70deg in 30 minutes with 50deg city water) - On this system you will only be chilling 2.5bbls at a time, so your time can be cut nearly in half.
    *Stainless steel pre-filter housing for wort before it enters heat-exchanger. (This thing has saved our lives on beers with large late addition hop charges.)
    *9 gallon stainless wort grant (keeps mash bed light and airy and provides very clear wort)

    We have two 10bbl conical unitank jacketed fermenters that come fully equipped with carb stones, 360degree spinning sprayballs, thermowells, recirculation ports, racking arms, and Ranco temp controllers that we would like to sell with the system as well.
    -We purchased these brand new at the beginning of 2016, so they are in very good condition

    *Consistently hits 80% mash efficiency
    *Very quick to boil, and very vigorous boil throughout.
    *Wort grant makes recirculation/vorlauf a breeze, and keeps mash bed light and airy.
    *Over-sized heat exchanger makes knock-out very quick and efficient
    *Boil kettles have very effective filter screens to filter out trub and boil particulate.

    We need to move this system quickly, as we are growing rapidly and out of space for new, larger fermenters. Equipment is priced to sell.
    Brewhouse: $14,999
    Fermenters: $7,000 apiece

    ****All inquiries please e-mail blake at wpbrewingco dot com
    We are happy to have you out to our brewery to look at the system and try the beer that it has produced.
    We prefer to deal locally, but are willing to ship with all shipping charges/crating incurred by the buyer.
    All equipment is located in Pilot Point, TX (50 miles north of Dallas)****
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    Still Available?

    Is the brewhouse still available?

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