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Thread: Converting waste CO2 into ethanol at Oak Ridge

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    Converting waste CO2 into ethanol at Oak Ridge

    Did anyone else see this? Pretty amazing if they can scale it up. Think of the application in a brewery!
    Linus Hall
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    No more fermentation?
    Timm Turrentine

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    supply and demand for CO2

    My guess would be a spike (heh) in price of bulk CO2. If CO2 is now an ingredient instead of a waste product, and can be used to produce fuel, that would probably drive the price of a lb of CO2 higher due to increased demand.

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    Ah well. it might allow cheaper brewing materials if they don't have to waste valuable barley growing ground on wheat for conversion to alcohol for fuel etc. (pigs fly as well) I doubt if it would be acceptable flavour wise for gin or vodka either - but who knows ?

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    the science of it all

    It is a process similar to electrolysis of water to produce O2 and H2. My guess is that the economic limiter is energy(electricity)in. With atmospheric CO2 being available for free it unlikely this would effect the availability or cost of brewing CO2.


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