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Thread: Tap Towers

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    Tap Towers

    Hey Gang,

    I am looking for some distinctive tap towers for my bar. The pub and bar have brick,wood, concrete (bartop and floors), metal and glass elements throughout. I'm looking for towers that stand out. Stainless and/or copper based with sort of a european flare.

    A search of the normal manufacturers turned up a few ideas, but I'm wondering if there are some gems out there.
    Any info is appreciated!

    PS- still searching for fermenters

    Brian Ford
    Auburn Alehouse

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    Tap Tower

    Hi there,
    Check out, i`ve had my 4 taptowers (7 products each)
    for six years and they rock!
    Drop me a line if you are interested. These were handmade so a bit expensive
    but worth every cent since i saved a lot off space and they look great.

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