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Thread: Keg Conditioning (refermenting in keg)

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    Keg Conditioning (refermenting in keg)

    Anybody have any experience with it? I'm talking about adding a priming solution and refermenting in a sanke or one way kegs for carbonation. What priming rates do you use (in relation to regular bottle conditioning), how far do you fill them, etc etc.

    We are looking into keg conditioning some of our one off beers. We currently have bottle conditioning down pat, but carbonating in the keg is a new territory for us. Any and all insight and experience would be greatly appreciated!

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    Done it a couple times (with soda kegs)

    You don't need as much priming sugar as the total headspace of your keg is less than it would be spread over x amount of bottles.
    I want to say I used between 1 and 1.5 oz dextrose for priming in a 5 gallon soda keg. I also filled the head space with CO2 after filling to ensure that it was sealed.
    It ended up taking a week with a nice soft carbonation. Best to go too little sugar than too much-you can always force carb if it comes out too flat.

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    Considering some experiences from home-brewing--exploding bottles, in particular, I'd strongly recommend that you use a Safety Pressure-Relief Valve while keg-conditioning. This could be as simple as a tavern head with the beer and CO2 ports blocked off, as these couplers incorporate a SPRV. To block off the ports, pull the beer nipple out of the beer nut and replace it with a clean penny. Don't forget the gasket.
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