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Thread: Moving Home

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    Moving Home

    We are thinking of moving to larger/more suitable premises. Anybody got any advice on relocating a brewery?

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    Plan ahead

    Advice: plan for about 95% of the time and move for about 5%.
    Make sure you have all the necessary tools and spare parts and make a schedule of what you might replace, fix or clean in the process. Don't overlook stuff like structural stability of the floor, hookup location for utilities and drains, ...

    We have moved several breweries and it end up always being more complicated than planned for.

    Let me know if you need help.

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    Raise your capital, if your getting more requests than you can produce, then its time to expand. We are about to do so, we keep getting requests from new markets which is more than half our yearly production. we cant do it and we have tanks stuck anywhere they can fit. its a tight squeeze at our brewery.

    I say sell the brewery as is and start over at a new location with bigger equipment, but of course that all depends on your situation.

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