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Thread: Pallet to Belgium

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    Pallet to Belgium


    We are looking to ship one pallet of one way kegs to Belgium in January. Has anyone had experience doing this and could recommend shipping companies and what government office to talk to in Belgium?



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    Hey Jeremy,

    Sorry I am late to respond! I just started with an account here for transportation. As far as shipping goes, you just need to make sure that you import paperwork and export paperwork are correct to the T. If anything is incorrect, they will destroy your product at the port. Just the kegs are easy to ship, as there is nothing hazmat or heavily taxed. If in the future you need anything handled going overseas, shoot me a PM or send me an email and I will be able to get you taken care of.

    Thanks again,

    Fast, reliable, accurate quoting and shipping. Steven at Gulick Freight.

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