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    Thumbs up share your figures

    Im curious about how many employees : anual production for production breweries (not brewpubs) ratio...

    I want to compare this to my situation...

    I want to know the following:
    - brewhouse size
    - Annual production
    - Automated or not brewhouse
    - how many brews per day/ week
    - no of fermenters (size dbbl, quadruple brew sized)
    - how many days per week are you filtering / day per tank
    - No. of persons working full time in production area. Not interested in Bottling.

    + if you want to break down who does what, ex, 1 guy brews while another filters 1 guy does all including kegging while brewing... Take me through an average day as a brewer at your brewery.


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    I guess i should share mine first:

    - brewhouse size

    - Annual production
    14000 hl per year

    - Automated or not brewhouse

    - how many brews per day/ week
    10 -12 (record 16)

    - no of fermenters (size dbbl, quadruple brew sized)
    14 x 50hl (2)
    2 x 100 hl (4)

    - how many days per week are you filtering / day per tank
    5-7 tanks per week (we have 3 BBTs)

    - No. of persons working full time in production area. Not interested in Bottling.
    2 persons we take shifts first 7-3, 3- ? (usually 8,9oclock)

    Average day for the first shift:
    -mash in (brewing during the following)
    -start up filter
    -mill in for the second batch
    -sanitize the clean FVs also for batch #3
    -sanitize and harvest yeast for first batch
    -Near the end of the first boil, after mucking out the first mash mash in #2
    -monitoring the filter, brewing I usually have to go and clean kegs and fill them 20-50 at a time
    -Milling for 3rd batch Mucking out the 2nd mash, brewing batch #2 and start #3

    this is about the time when the other brewer comes in, he will contine to knock out #2 and finish #3 brews, finish the filtering. He will then all in good time,Clean newly emptied FV, set up the filter (sheet) for the next day, mill in for the next morning, heat up the water (HLT and Mash) >Clean up and close down the brewery.

    So you can see Im doing laps around the brewery all day to keep it flowing, Imput?

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    I don't have anything to add to your collection of data (I'm in the process of starting a brewery), but I have to tell you that your production is amazing considering you only have 2 brewers! I can't imagine I could keep up with that.

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    Sounds familiar...

    Batch size: 10 bbl, yields 9.5 bbls
    2007 production: 4,750 bbls
    batches per week currently: 12-13, record 15
    fermenter capacity: 310 bbls
    employees: 2 full time brewers plus me
    shift schedule: M-F, 5:30 AM - 2 PM, 2 PM - 10 PM
    DE filtration, with a IDD Miniking racker and a Meheen filler
    75% draft, 25% bottles
    Linus Hall
    Yazoo Brewing
    Nashville, TN

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    Newport, KY, United States
    - 20hL - 17bbl castout
    - about 3,200 bbl
    - 2-vessel + whirlpool, semi-automated brewhouse (mashing, lautering and boil)
    - up to 9 brews in a week
    - (4) 20bbl, (5) 40bbl - 2 are outside, unheated, for summertime increase in business
    - we filter when the bright tanks are empty (6x20bbl), usually no more than 40 bbl/day, 2-3x/week
    - 2 full time employees that split almost all work
    - 100% draft beer sold on premise, mostly lager beer

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    Lean and Mean

    - 50 bbl (4 vessel) brewhouse (Keiselmann pnuematic, semi automated)
    - (2) 300 bbl fermenters
    - (7) 200 bbl fermenters
    - (4) 150 bbl fermenters
    - (2) 100 bbl fermenters
    -(36) bbl Union System
    - 50,000 bbl / year

    - 1000 - 1150 bbl/week on brewhouse
    - 5 Brews/Day M-Th, 1-2 Brews on Friday
    - 1 day filtration of 800 -1100 bbl on 20 sq m DE filter
    - 1 brewmaster
    - 3 full time staff brewers
    - 4 full time quality assurance personnel



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    Santa Rosa CA USA
    21 bbl manual brewhouse
    Annual prodn 1000 US bbl
    1-2 brews per week
    Three single fermenters
    Filtration...HAH! zero
    Staff-only one person for entire place

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    You guys are a true inspiration...

    10bbl brewhouse - zero automation, two vessel
    odd mis-mash of fermenter sizes: 7.5, 7.5, 15, 20, 40 (en route)
    Draft only with volunteer-fueled hand bottling twice a year.
    1-4 brews per week
    No longer self-distributing (whew!)
    Oh, and I have a filter that I use as a coat rack.
    just under 500 bbls last year.

    1 full time (me), plus a part time helper another 1.5 days/week.

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    Ponderay, Idaho
    15 BBl 2 vessel brewhouse
    4- 15bbl Fermenters
    9 -Brite tanks
    DME kegger
    Meheen 12oz bottler
    2 fulltime employees 2 partime
    2-4 brews a week
    filter only bottled beer
    we did 6500 cases last year and a total of 1002 bbls out the door
    on track this year to do 2500 or more BBLs

    Fred Colby
    Laughing Dog Brewing

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    10 BBL Brewhouse
    10, 10BBL FV's 2, 20BBL FV's
    8 SV's (6 taps, 2 SV's are backup for blond and amber)
    Plate & Frame filter
    Kegging only for our sister restaurant 8-18 50L kegs per week
    3 Head bottler, bottled beer sold @ hostess stand only + Root Beer bottles sold in house @ both restaurants
    2 Full time Brewers (both hourly, OT is rare)
    2000 BBL's last year

    Jeff Byrne
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    Hastings, MI, USA
    Brew Length: 7bbl
    4 - 7bbl jacketed FV's
    5 - 7bbl and 5 - 9 bbl single-wall SV's
    All manual
    Averaging 2 brews/week
    No filtering
    Solo brewhouse, though I have a young Padawan Learner that helps on ocassion

    We've only been open since last July - my first 6 months production was 113 bbls, all served on tap; the amazing thing was that we just got growlers *3* weeks ago!

    "By man's sweat and God's love, beer came into the world" -- St. Arnold of Metz

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