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Thread: Strawberries - How much per bbl

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    Strawberries, blueberries, bananas and many others are very low acid fruit. Fermenting them in a beer will yield much colour but little flavour. Fermenting on fruit with seeds for too long will also yield an of unpleasant bitter (cyanogenic glycosides extracted when alcohold dissoves the natural wax coating on the seeds...mmm...cyanide beer). Aseptic seedless purees are the easiest and safest to deal with. I just did a blueberry where we use 150 kg in a 10hL batch. Beautiful colour. Very subtly flavoured.


    Liam McKenna

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    considering the size of these additions, are most folks having to do some pH adjustment? i know citrus and some of the tropicals can be pretty acidic, but not so sure about berries, peaches, etc.

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