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Thread: Correct dosage w/ Peracetic Acid?

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    Correct dosage w/ Peracetic Acid?

    The brewery I work for has recently made the switch to use peraceic acid as a no rinse sanitizer as oppose to cd. The problem is that we are a bit unsure on the dosage of the acid in H20 to acheive our desired ppm (250 ppm). Any help/clarity on this matter would be worth it's weight in beer! Thank you.

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    I use 2 oz. per 5 gal cold water. I am not sure off hand
    of the concentration of the acid we buy, it is from Shrader

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    If your using RO water 0.5% is fine, if your using hard water 1.0% will work. Stuff is nasty isnt it?

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    Peracetic acid

    240 ppm seems a little high. I use Birk-Ox from Birko in our kegwasher, yeast brink, and occasionally all tanks and the filter. The recommended ppm of peracetic acid is 90-200. Aiming somewhat on the low side, we achieve 120 ppm with 38 ml./5 gals. Have never had a problem at this level. They also sell test strips, or you can get them from La Motte. Be sure to wear gloves and use in a well-ventilated area, esp. if you are pumping it out of a barrel. The stuff is nasty, which is why we use chlorine dioxide mostly in the tanks and filter. As you probably know if you are using it already, cd breaks down, so it's peracetic in kegs and yeast brink that tend to sit longer in a sanitized state. Good Luck!

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    Consult your chemical supplier, all peracetic acid formulations are not the same. Some contain wetting agents, surfactants and all that good stuff (octanoioc acid comes to mind) and at higher concentrations require a potable rinse. Any reputable chemical supplier should be able to clarify this for you and provide tests kits for verification. Most chemical suppliers are more than willing to provide all sorts of support and are a great resource. Use them thats what they are there for.

    happy cleaning

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